Know-how &
equity investments

OS-Service is a privately held investment company, making private equity and know-how investments into growth companies.

We are focusing on small and medium sized enterprises (SME) with the ambition for growth. We target companies and business fields, where knowledge and technology play an extensive role.


Our focus is on companies that operate in Baltic and Nordic Countries.

We invest into start-ups and growth companies or participate in different mergers & acquisitions (M&A) forms, e.g. restructuring process or management buyout (MBO).


We increase the shareholder’s value of the target company via company-specific development programs including development of strategy, development of sales and marketing, management of organic growth, and selected corporate transaction (M&A) activities.


OS-Service team is involved in several international expansion projects and operate actively in the targeted companies management or supervisory boards.

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We take an active investor role and operate as a partner for the management of the target company. We build the expansion and governance strategy in collaboration with the existing management and assisting in the implementation process.

As every successful expansion starts with thorough preparation, we shall seek the appropriate markets and commence an extensive overview of the targeted markets.

We provide assistance in the expansion process with different marketing, communications and sales strategies. If needed, we manage the legal structuring and required documentation related to the expansion process.

Our investment focus is on SME companies that operate mainly in the following sectors:

  • Industrial manufacturing and services
  • Healthcare and wellness services and equipment (including medical and other healthcare services, healthtech, medical devices and life sciences)
  • Technology driven services (IT, including social media and wireless apps)
  • Other knowledge (know-how) driven services

For company customers

We provide project based assistance regarding management of expansion projects, including market overviews with expansion suggestions, organizing sales and distribution process (incl. negotiations and legal structuring), marketing and communication related to the targeted markets. Hence, all necessities from preparations to execution regarding internalization.

We help our customers to increase their value. We promote the growth of our customers’ shareholder value through company-specific development programs, financing and transaction arrangements. Our investment and hands-on approach is divided into four groups: Development of Strategy, Development of Sales and Marketing, Management of Organic Growth, and Corporate Transactions (M&A).

Shareholder value growth

Development of strategy

  • A business plan helps a company to predict and plan its future. A business plan provides tools for the company to manage and develop its operations. With the help of a business plan, a company can turn its strategy and plan into financial figures.
  • Shareholder value analysis aims at improving the company’s operative efficiency and strategic abilities through valuating the company and giving recommendations to the company’s owners regarding how to increase the shareholder value.
  • The development of profitability aims at increasing the company’s financial productivity. The aim of a company is to operate in their own field as profitably as possible. Therefore, a company’s development activities strongly emphasize the development of profitability.

Corporate transactions (M&A)

  • Corporate transactions include comprehensive assistance with corporate disposals and acquisitions as well as with other corporate transactions, such as generational changes and corporate structure development. An integral part of corporate transactions is valuation. We take responsibility for preparing projects or tasks within projects, such as the due diligence process, up to the drawing of contracts.
  • The acquisition of financing covers the acquisition of both equity and debt financing for our customers as well as a combination of both in accordance with the customer’s individual needs. We take overall responsibility for preparing and completing projects up to the drawing of contracts.
  • Company valuation includes a comprehensive analysis of a company’s value. The valuation is carried out thoroughly using various valuation methods, paying special attention to the characteristics of SME’s. We do an objective and realistic valuation of the company’s market value, taking into consideration its business operations, financial development, line of business and business opportunities.

Development of sales and marketing

  • The purpose of a marketing strategy is to help a company make its services and/or products known among the desired target groups. We help to define the target groups, sales arguments and the most practical selection of methods as well as help make the procedure plans.
  • The clarification of a brand helps to sharpen the management of a company and its services or products as well as its communications. Together with the company’s people in charge, we determine the main competitive advantages and strengths of the company and/or products. We record the brand promises that distinguish the company from its competitors as well as the main messages and from there we plan how to implement the promises and messages within the organization as well as among customers and partners.
  • A customer management plan helps to acquire new customers as well as maintain and expand the existing customer base. The service includes prospecting for potential customers, planning the generation models for leads as well as determining target group specific marketing and sales procedures. Concerning existing customers, the development includes the segmentation and categorization of the customers. We plan measures for the selected segments and customer categories in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We also aim to enable active additional sales.

Management of organic growth

  • Management of production and RD
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management
  • Development of organisation

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